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    • Ridgeline Skirt

      Original price £310.00 Current price £149.00 - £310.00

      The sculptural black skirt is engineered in fine knit cables of lightweight pima. Flares in godets to a boot-length hem.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%) </li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>30"</li><li>Item # 4400342</li>

    • Ileana Maxi-Skirt


      Graphic diamonds and chevrons from a vintage Laotian textile are reinterpreted on our jacquard knit, A-line maxi-skirt in espresso, ultramarine, ivory and black pima. Fits slim through the waist and hips, releasing to an ankle-length.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>34"</li><li>Item # 4000322</li>

    • Delaunay Maxi-Skirt


      Painterly Asian florals float across a verdigris field on this beautifully draping viscose maxi-skirt. The style fits slim through the hip, with shapely seaming and an off-centre side slit. Hidden zipper; elasticised back waist.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Fit: Semi-Fitted</li><li>Viscose (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Turkey</li><li>39"</li><li>Zipper</li><li>Item # 9801299</li>

    • Oslo Skirt


      A Norwegian textile inspired our jacquard knit straight skirt in graphic bands and autumnal hues of bronze, teal, russet, espresso, and sand pima; single deep side slit.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>33"</li><li>Item # 2400142</li>

    • Moroccan Tiered Skirt


      A fabulous skirt that exudes a bohemian vibe is jacquard knit of black pima framed with petite diamond patterning. The skirt is banded in Moroccan geometrics, and flows in gathered tiers to a boot-length hem of red lace scallops. Fits through the waist and hips, with elasticised waist; pockets.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>33"</li><li>Item # 4000332</li>

    • Sung Tapestry Skirt


      A Sung Dynasty tapestry inspired the peacocks, tigers and flowers on this bootlength skirt. Jacquard knit in rose, ultramarine, mint and apricot on fig pima, with elasticised waist.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>34"</li><li>Item # 3000312</li>

    • Magic Forest Maxi-Skirt


      Recalling the lush beauty of a 15th century Dutch tapestry, a forest takes root on the dark ground of this show-stopping maxi-skirt in nocturnal shades of burgundy, midnight, turquoise, pink, and violet. Sewn of drapy viscose, it flows to an ankle-length hem, with a single deep off-centre slit; unlined; side zip; elastic waistband.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Fit: Semi-Fitted</li><li>Viscose (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Turkey</li><li>39"</li><li>Zipper</li><li>Item # 9801399</li>

    • Marcelle Skirt


      Inspired by Art Nouveau linework found in a Parisian shop window, our jacquard knit A-line skirt is landscaped with stylised foliage in alabaster and steel-grey pima. <br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%) </li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>33"</li><li>Item # 7200192</li>

    • Punjab Skirt


      Striping from a traditional Indian dhurrie wraps our knit pima skirt in parchment and graphite on black.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%) </li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>35"</li><li>Item # 7200222</li>

    • Fasano Skirt


      Our pima jacquard knit skirt is Fair Isle-striped in lapis blue, burgundy and copper. The skirt is styled with an elasticised waist, side slits and ribbed trim.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>33"</li><li>Item # 7200452</li>

    • Hana Maxi-Skirt


      Patterning inspired by a vintage Ainu textile is boldly beautiful on this statement maxi-skirt. In a textural jacquard knit, the dropped yoke releases to a twirlable circle skirt that dips dramatically longer in front and back.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Hand Wash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>35"</li><li>Item # 4400522</li>

    • Museo Skirt


      The pima (51%) and modal (49%) jersey skirt fits through the hip and flares in godets to an ankle length hem with a sexy, off-center slit.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Pima Cotton (51%), Modal (49%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>36"</li><li>Elastic Waistband</li><li>Item # 1900352</li>

    • Cassandra Skirt

      Original price £318.00 Current price £254.00

      The head-turning maxi-skirt is flawlessly tailored in Stone linen, with curved seaming that wraps the body and ends in a dramatic, fishtail train. Classic jeans styling of pockets; back yoke; belt loops.<br><br><li>6-22</li><li>Linen (100%)</li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>Imported</li><li>38"</li><li>Zipper, Button</li><li>Item # 9801136</li>

    • Dogwood Linen Maxi-Skirt

      Original price £249.00 Current price £159.00

      Our airy, linen maxi-skirt echoes classic toile, printed in weathered shades of grey, chambray and sepia on parchment. Sewn with shapely seaming and a single, deep side slit. Hidden side zip; unlined.<br><br><li>6-22</li><li>Linen (100%)</li><li>Machine Wash/Delicate</li><li>Made in Turkey</li><li>39"</li><li>Zipper</li><li>Item # 9801106</li>

    • Chiara Reversible Skirt

      Original price £218.00 Current price £174.00

      Masterfully engineered, our jacquard knit skirt is two looks in one season-spanning design: tropical florals reverse to ikat graphics in geranium, navy and alabaster pima.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>34"</li><li>Item # 7500532</li>

    • Lia Denim Pencil Skirt

      Original price £169.00 Current price £135.00

      The season’s must-have denim pencil skirt is stretchy and slim-fitting, with a chic midi-hem. Finished with angled yoke seaming, angled front pockets and a front slit. Cotton (92%), polyester (6%) and elastane (2%).<br><br><li>6-22</li><li>Cotton (92%), Polyester (6%), Elastane (2%) </li><li>Machine Wash/Delicate</li><li>Made in Turkey</li><li>27"</li><li>Zipper, Button</li><li>Item # 9800452</li>

    • Empress Skirt


      A 17th century Chinese phoenix swirls through peonies and storm clouds on our superbly jacquard knit skirt. In rich hues of tangerine, fuchsia, alabaster, sky, plum and black pima, the A-line, tea-length style has an easy, elasticised waist.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>33"</li><li>Item # 4400632</li>

    • Sojourn Skirt


      Fine gauge, intarsia knit in playfully angled stripes, striated bands of ink, denim, paprika and black pima add nautical nuance to our midi-skirt; elastic waist band.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>32"</li><li>Item # 7200342</li>

    • Martina Maxi-Skirt


      An elegant maxi-skirt, fully-fashioned of rib knit pima. The skirt falls to an ankle-skimming hem with two side slits; elastic waistband.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>36"</li><li>Item # 5600182</li>

    • Sigrid Skirt

      Original price £218.00 Current price £124.00

      Jacquard knit in red, dusk blue, amber, stone and black pima bands pattern the short skirt of chevrons and diamonds inspired by a Norwegian coverlet.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Hand Wash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>21"</li><li>Item # 4000222</li>

    • Jaipur Maxi-Skirt

      Original price £299.00 Current price £200.00

      Saunter through sun-drenched days in our flowing maxi-skirt. Cast in luminous shades of Jaipur pink, teal, tobacco and cream, 18th century block print florals from India come to life on a faded golden ground of rayon (68%) and modal (32%). A fitted, contoured yoke releases in front gathers to a sweeping hem that dips longer in back<br><li>6-22</li><li>Rayon (68%), Modal (32%); Lining- 100% Polyester</li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>Imported</li><li>38"</li><li>Back Zipper with Hook/Eye</li><li>Item # 981739</li>

    • Wild Poppies Maxi-Skirt

      Original price £249.00 Current price £162.00

      Echoing vintage wallpaper, teal and blue poppies on citrine pattern this beautifully draping cupro maxi-skirt. Slim through the hip and flaring in godets to an ankle-length hem. Off-centre slit; side zip; unlined.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Cupro (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Turkey</li><li>37"</li><li>Item # 9800189</li>

    • Brindisi Skirt


      In hues of sea and sky, links knit stripes of tweeded pima add textural beauty to this chic ensemble. The pull-on skirt has engineered gores.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Fit: Semi-Fitted</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>34"</li><li>Item # 4000282</li>

    • Atacama Maxi-Skirt

      Original price £149.00 Current price £118.00

      Ancient Wari tie-dye motifs look modern on our earth-hued, woven viscose maxi-skirt. The slim waist flows to an ankle-grazing hem. Single side slit; side zipper; unlined.<br><br><li>6-22</li><li> Viscose (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Turkey</li><li>39"</li><li>Zipper</li><li>Item # 9801239</li><li>If you are between sizes or want a looser fit, we recommend sizing up.</li>

    • Twill Pencil Skirt

      Original price £169.00 Current price £135.00

      The must-have twill-weave pencil skirt is stretchy and slim-fitting, with a chic midi-hem. Finished with angled front pockets and a front slit. Natural-hued cotton (98%) and elastane (2%).<br><br><li>6-22</li><li>Cotton (98%), Elastane (2%)</li><li>Machine Wash/Delicate</li><li>Made in Turkey</li><li>27"</li><li>Zipper, Button</li><li>Item # 9801182</li>

    • Zagros Skirt

      Original price £250.00 Current price £199.00

      Motifs from a vintage Persian rug pattern the jacquard knit pima pencil skirt in midnight, chambray, russet, brass and cream.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Hand Wash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>22"</li><li>Item # 3000222</li>

    • Sofara Skirt


      An Indian mudcloth textile inspired the patterning of this viscose (95%) and elastane (5%) jersey skirt. In sophisticated tortoiseshell hues, with side shirring and a twirlable two-tier hem; elasticised waist.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Viscose (95%), Elastane (5%) </li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in USA</li><li>21"</li><li>Item # 9801259</li>

    • Santa Cruz Skirt

      Original price £172.00 Current price £138.00

      Splendid in teal, brass and navy on paprika pima, traditional Peruvian manta motifs are scaled to dramatic proportions on the jacquard knit skirt. Pair with a sweater and boots on cooler days or sandals and a tee as the weather warms.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Hand Wash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>30"</li><li>Item # 7200312</li>

    • Padang Pencil Skirt


      The pencil skirt has an elasticised waist. In magenta, mango and teal pima.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>23"</li><li>Item # 4400082</li>

    • Aswan Skirt

      Original price £339.00 Current price £199.00

      Inspired by a Central Asian textile, our column skirt is jacquard knit in burgundy, adobe, jade and brass on black pima.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li> Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>31"</li><li>Item # 4000072</li>