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    • Brighton Crewneck


      A luxe take on the classic fisherman sweater, our pullover is full-fashion knit in ribs of soft, fluffy cotton. Relaxed and slightly cropped, with a creweck, raglan sleeves and ribbed trim.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Fit: Relaxed</li><li>Cotton (100%)</li><li>Hand Wash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>21"</li><li>Item # 7500492</li>

    • Soraya Cardigan


      Southwestern blanket motifs pattern our V-neck cardigan in rich turquoise, terracotta, black and brass. Jacquard knit of pima, with contrast patterning at the pockets, cuffs and hem; ribbed trim.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Fit: Classic</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Hand Wash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>35"</li><li>Buttons</li><li>Item # 5600152</li>

    • Anouk Reversible Cardigan


      Melding Moroccan tilework with a timeless silhouette, our knit pima cardigan is a stunning spring jacket option. Framed with chevron bands, handcrocheted scallops and overlock seaming, it reverses to tonal, undulating stripes to extend the possibilities. Crewneck; ¾-sleeves.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Fit: Classic</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>20"</li><li>Buttons</li><li>Item # 2400112</li>

    • Alba Knit Jacket


      A celebration of springtime, bright flowers and vines embellish the netted lace ground of this collectible cardigan in chambray blue, olive, geranium, pink and lavender. Mixing textural knit stitches with exquisite handcrochet, colourful bands accent the crewneck, buttoning placket, belled sleeves and split peplum hem; a tasselled fringe adds a festive flourish. This one of-a-kind art knit is snuggly soft in baby alpaca (42%), mercerised pima (31%), polyamide (23%) and wool (4%).<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Fit: Classic</li><li>Baby Alpaca (42%), Pima Cotton (31%), Polyamide (23%), Wool (4%)</li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>21"</li><li>Buttons</li><li>Item # 8400061</li>

    • Petaluma Cardigan


      In a lofty baby alpaca blend that’s ideal for springtime, our cropped cardigan is knit in a lacy tuck stitch. Styled with a crewneck and exaggerated rib trim with openwork accents. Baby alpaca (60%), nylon (35%) and wool (5%).<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Fit: Classic</li><li>Baby Alpaca (60%), Nylon (35%), Wool (5%)</li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>16"</li><li>Buttons</li><li>Item # 7400201</li>

    • Felicità Pullover


      Our Denim blue pullover is patterned with textural diamonds, ribs and pointelle stitching. Fine gauge knit of pima, detailed with a peplum hem and handcrocheted scallops at the neck and cuffs.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Fit: Semi-Fitted</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Hand Wash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>24"</li><li>Item # 3000212</li>

    • Della Cardigan


      Perfect for spring, the cardigan is knit of tweeded Sandalwood pima yarns in a textural stitch. Finished with button-and-loop closures and handcrocheted details at the V-neck and placket.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Fit: Classic</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>16"</li><li>Buttons</li><li>Item # 7400222</li>

    • Terrazzo Pullover


      A brilliant color study, our contemporary pima pullover is a patchwork of tweeded brights, from indigo, teal, sky and jade to brass, violet, pink and fuchsia. An exquisite art knit, intarsia framed by hand, the relaxed shape is styled with drop shoulders, side vents and handcrocheted scallop trim. Pima (99%) and nylon (1%).<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Fit: Relaxed</li><li>Pima Cotton (99%), Nylon (1%)</li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>22"</li><li>Item # 2400122</li>

    • Lauryn Knit Bolero


      The quintessential coverup for spring’s dresses and tees, our pima bolero is full-fashion knit in chunky, reverse jersey stitches. Styled with ¾-sleeves, a curved buttonless placket, and sculptural, relaxed rib trim.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Fit: Semi-Fitted</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>15"</li><li>Item # 7400212</li>

    • Florissima Cardigan


      Gorgeous blooms unfurl across a striped ikat ground, patterning our jacquard knit pima cardigan in opulent berry tones. Simply styled with drop shoulders, ¾-sleeves, a buttonless placket and side vents; contrast trim.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Fit: Relaxed</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Hand Wash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>28"</li><li>Item # 3000242</li>

    • Assam Pullover


      Intricate motifs from a Mughal-era textile inspired our jacquard knit top in denim-friendly hues of navy, aqua, cream and amber pima. The oversized, floataway shape is detailed with drop shoulders, ¾-sleeves and side vents.<br><br><li>XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL</li><li>Fit: Oversized</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Hand Wash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>23"</li><li>Item # 4000152</li>

    • Laplander Cardigan


      A stunning jacket option, the long black pima cardigan is framed with jacquard knit geometrics in red, denim, alabaster and brass. Buttonless placket; pockets.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Fit: Classic</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>36"</li><li>Item # 4000182</li>

    • Francesca Knit Jacket


      A joyous rhapsody of colour, pattern and texture in tweeded, mercerised pima yarns, our substantial knit cardigan is banded with chevrons, geometrics and lacy pointelle diamonds. The rich jewel-toned ground is framed with a contrast pattern at the collar, placket and belled sleeves. Closes in front with two crocheted buttonand-loop closures.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Fit: Classic</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>22"</li><li>Buttons</li><li>Item # 2000092</li>

    • Saphir Pullover


      In hand-painted pastel yarns, bands of floral medallions, chevrons and geometrics pattern the ink blue ground of this easy-going pullover. Mid-gauge knit of pima (93%) and alpaca (7%), the silhouette is relaxed and boxy, with a split V-neck, drop shoulders, wide ¾-sleeves and side vents; ribbed trim.<br><br><li>XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL</li><li>Fit: Oversized</li><li>Pima Cotton (93%), Alpaca (7%)</li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>23"</li><li>Item # 6200142</li>

    • Kashmiri Knit Jacket


      Vining florals in madder, mint, cerulean and amber climb the black ground of our pima jacquard knit jacket. Chic atop everything from blue jeans to an LBD, detailed with a notch collar and 3-button closure.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Fit: Semi-Fitted</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>23"</li><li>2 Button Placket</li><li>Item # 4400512</li>

    • Cumberland Pullover


      Patterned in a medley of dimensional cables, the luxe, roomy pullover is a tactile delight in lofty pima (92%) and nylon (8%) bouclé yarns. Styled with a v-neck, drop shoulders and ribbed trim. Available in Azure, Alabaster or Burgundy.<br><br><li>XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL</li><li>Fit: Oversized</li><li>Pima Cotton (92%), Nylon (8%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>23"</li><li>Item # 3000202</li>

    • Costa Cardigan


      Perfect for spring, the cropped cardigan is an effortless layer atop dresses and tees. Knit of tweeded cobalt and violet pima yarns in a textural rib stitch, the drapy, boxy silhouette closes with a single tassel tie.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Fit: Semi-Fitted</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>17"</li><li>Item # 7400012</li>

    • Yasmin Cardigan

      Original price £369.00 Current price £294.00

      Persian rug florals in neutral hues of sand, platinum, cinnabar, chocolate and midnight are knit into our relaxed pima jacquard knit cardigan. Effortlessly interesting, with drop shoulders, ¾-sleeves and contrast geometric patterning at the buttonless placket.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Fit: Relaxed</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Hand Wash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>28"</li><li>Item # 3000252</li>

    • Mock Rib Pima Cardigan

      Original price £349.00 Current price £278.00 - £279.00

      Rib knit in tweeded pima yarns, our cropped cardigan has a deep V-neck and drop shoulders. Deep Teal or Midnight.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Fit: Classic</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%) </li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>19"</li><li>Buttons</li><li>Item # 7400181</li>

    • Off-Piste T-Neck

      Original price £260.00 Current price £199.00

      Inspired by classic ski sweaters, our cosy pullover is Fair Isle patterned in wintry shades of taupe, cream and charcoal. Equally at home in mountain towns or city streets, it’s knit of chunky wool (78%) and baby alpaca (22%) yarns, with a ribbed T-neck, drop shoulders and ribbed trim.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Fit: Classic</li><li>Wool (78%), Baby Alpaca (22%)</li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>22"</li><li>Item # 7200183</li>

    • Astrid Pullover

      Original price £329.00 Current price £259.00

      An homage to vintage Nordic ski sweaters, our luxurious pullover is Fair Isle striped in black, persimmon and camel. Superbly handknit of soft, fluffy suri alpaca (74%), wool (22%) and polyamide (4%), with a crewneck, raglan sleeves and ribbed trim.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Fit: Classic</li><li>Alpaca (74%), Wool (22%), Polyamide (4%)</li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>22"</li><li>Item # 2000061</li>

    • Casco Wrap Cardigan

      Original price £180.00 Current price £146.00

      The season’s prettiest cover-up wraps and ties in front or back. Frothy and light in baby alpaca (60%), nylon (35%) and wool (5%), with delicate picot trim. Limestone or Black.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Fit: Semi-Fitted</li><li>Baby Alpca (60%), Nylon (35%), Wool (5%)</li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>18"</li><li>Item # 3500021</li>

    • Deerfield Blanket Coat

      Original price £570.00 Current price £455.00

      Irregular bands of bold canyon colors are brilliant on our cozy black blanket coat. A generous embrace of plush, felted alpaca, it’s knit easy and oversized, with a generous hood, patch pockets, buttonless placket and whipstitched trim; unlined.<br><br><li>XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL</li><li>Alpaca (100%)</li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>31"</li><li>Item # 3000181</li>

    • Rowe Pullover

      Original price £185.00 Current price £128.00 - £129.00

      Destined to become a perennial favourite, the polished pullover is knit in textural wide ribs of lightweight pima. Cropped, boxy and simply styled with clean start edges, round neck and drop shoulders. In Black, Alabaster or Bosphorus.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Fit: Classic</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>19"</li><li>Item # 350302</li><li>Sale Price Colour: Bosphorus, Alabaster, Bellini, Black</li>

    • Annalise Cardigan


      Knit in an alluring mix of open mesh stitching and flattering, fine ribbed pima, our cardigan is lovely with everything from skirts to jeans. Demure open neckline; buttoning placket; lace trim. Ink or Alabaster.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Fit: Fitted</li><li>Pima Cotton (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>22"</li><li>Item # 7200052</li>

    • Wembley V-Neck

      Original price £185.00 Current price £118.00

      Light as a whisper in frothy yarns of baby alpaca (60%), polyamide (35%) and wool (5%), the pullover is full-fashion knit with a deep V-neck and exaggerated ribbed cuffs with thumbholes.<br><br><li>XS-XL</li><li>Fit: Semi-Fitted</li><li>Baby Alpaca (60%), Polyamide (35%), Wool (5%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>21"</li><li>Item # 8200051</li>

    • Brimfield Henley


      Our bestselling pullover in woolen-spun baby alpaca royal, the finest grade of alpaca. Unbelievably light and lofty, these luxe, versatile henleys are full-fashion knit with a convertible mock neck, deep ribbed cuffs and contemporary exposed seams.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Fit: Classic</li><li>100% Woolen Royal Alpaca</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>26"</li><li>Item # 7500251</li>

    • Salina Cardigan

      Original price £375.00 Current price £259.00

      An artisanal colour study, our cropped pima-blend cardigan is striped in richly tweeded hues. Designed with a floataway V-back, drop shoulders, slim ribbed sleeves and handcrocheted trim; buttonless placket.<br><br><li>XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL</li><li>Fit: Oversized</li><li>Pima Cotton (80%), Baby Alpaca (12%), Wool (4%), Nylon (4%)</li><li>Dry Clean Only</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>19"</li><li>Item # 9400052</li>

    • Valmorel Zip Cardigan


      Our luxurious take on the contemporary zip cardigan is ultra-soft and frothy in woollen-spun, royal alpaca. Full-fashion knit with a ribbed mock collar, saddle shoulders, double-zip closure and ribbed trim.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Fit: Relaxed</li><li>Royal Alpaca (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>23"</li><li>Zipper</li><li>Item # 7500201</li>

    • Luxe Alpaca Sweatshirt

      Original price £260.00 Current price £179.00 - £260.00

      The casual sweatshirt is elevated to luxury in pure royal alpaca, the elite grade of alpaca. Woolen-spun for a divinely soft hand, and full-fashion knit in a relaxed and boxy silhouette. Detailed with saddle shoulder seams and ribbed trim at the crewneck, cuffs and hem.<br><br><li>XS-XXL</li><li>Fit: Relaxed</li><li>Woolen Royal Alpaca (100%)</li><li>Handwash/Dry Clean</li><li>Made in Peru</li><li>23"</li><li>Item # 7500271</li>