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Honouring Andean Fibres

Since 1976

Through decades of cooperation and collaboration, we’ve created a reliable and secure market for
alpaca herdsmen and textile artists in Lima, Cusco and other Peruvian cities.
We are proud to be a leader in this industry, offering the highest quality alpaca sweaters,
dresses, coats and more.

Alpaca wool is the most
luxurious year-round fibre.
Sourced from small-scale
herdsmen in the
Peruvian highlands,
our natural alpaca fibres
are sustainably harvested
by hand, expertly blended
and carefully dyed before
being knit, woven
and crocheted into
alpaca sweaters.

When we first started
working with alpaca fibres
in the '70s, there was
no such thing as
dyed alpaca yarns or
lightweight, fluffy blends.
Through our persistent
quest for a better yarn
in more eye-catching colours,
we are now able to offer
the largest selection of
sustainable, affordable
baby alpaca
and royal alpaca clothing
on the market
in a wide variety of rich,
seasonal hues.

We're proud to offer a selection of alpaca wool clothing and accessories that fuse the cloud-soft touch and
comforting warmth of Peruvian alpaca with the airier qualities of cotton, nylon and other lightweight materials.
These frothier blends enable us to offer luxurious alpaca products for year-round wear.

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  • 1 / 5
Whilst you are shopping, just look for items with the icon. These items are available NOW for delivery. (Items may not be available in all sizes and colours).
Slide 0: Gerolata Baby Alpaca Shawl
The perfect evening wrap, our baby alpaca (70%) and silk (30%) woven shawl with twisted fringe trim.
Gerolata Baby Alpaca Shawl
  • Length 72", Width 26"
  • Baby Alpaca (70%), Silk (30%)
  • Made in Peru
  • Wisteria
    Slide 1: Whitecap Cardigan
    A fluffy, cloud-weight boyfriend cardigan, in an airy waffleknit of Cream pima (48%), baby alpaca (31%), polyamide (18%) and wool (3%). Intentionally oversized and easy, it's full-fashioned with drop shoulders, a deep v-neck, single button closure and pockets; ribbed trim.
    Whitecap Cardigan
  • One Button at Placket
  • Fit:
  • Pima Cotton (48%), Baby Alpaca (31%), Polyamide (18%), Wool (3%)
  • Made in Peru
  • 30"
  • Slide 2: Nebbia Baby Alpaca Pullover
    A frothy layer for the balmy days ahead, our sheer, bell-cuffed pullover floats gracefully over dresses or camis. In Crème Brulée baby alpaca (55%), polyamide (24%) and merino wool (21%).
    Nebbia Baby Alpaca Pullover
  • Fit:
  • Baby Alpaca (55%), Polyamide (24%), Merino Wool (21%)
  • Made in Peru
  • 22"
  • Slide 3: Luxe Alpaca Sweatshirt
    A classic crewneck in ultra-soft, woolen-spun royal alpaca, the top grade of alpaca. This chic yet relaxed style is full-fashion knit and finished with a ribbed trim.
    Luxe Alpaca Sweatshirt
  • Fit:
  • Woolen Royal Alpaca (100%)
  • Made in Peru
  • 24"
  • Berry Ice
    Gull Grey
    Slide 4: Tahoe Royal Alpaca Dress
    Knit of luxurious, woolen-spun royal alpaca, our ultra-soft sweater-dress is the epitome of snuggly chic. Styled with a deep v-neck, dimensional center seams, side slits and ribbed trim.
    Tahoe Royal Alpaca Dress
    Was: £245.00
    Now: £175.00
  • Fit:
  • Woolen Royal Alpaca (100%)
  • Made in Peru
  • 47"
  • Marble
    Slide 5: Isumi Royal Alpaca Cardigan
    Our kimono-inspired cardigan is a polished alternative to a jacket. Links knit of soft, woolen-spun royal alpaca (the finest alpaca available), the minimal silhouette is casually easy, with a clean placket, patch pockets, drop shoulders and relaxed ¾-sleeves.
    Isumi Royal Alpaca Cardigan
  • Fit:
  • 100% Woolen royal Alpaca
  • Made in Peru
  • 26"
  • Berry Ice
    Gull Grey
    Slide 6: Muse Royal Alpaca Cardigan
    Pure luxury for cool spring days, the classic cardigan is knit of cloud-soft, woolen-spun royal alpaca. Full-fashioned with a deep v-neck, raglan sleeves, front pockets and ribbed trim.
    Muse Royal Alpaca Cardigan
    Was: £245.00 - £255.00
    Now: £174.00 - £255.00
  • 4 Buttons at Placket
  • Fit:
  • Woolen Royal Alpaca (100%)
  • Made in Peru
  • 25"
    Sale Price Colours: Cranberry, Snow, Black, Blossom, Sea
  • Slide 7: Dacha Alpaca Cardigan
    Lavished with sensuous alpaca fur, our cozy cardigan in Black alpaca is handframed in pointelle ribs, rich cables and popcorn stitching. Finished with a v-neck, single hook closure and lattice-stitched trim.
    Dacha Alpaca Cardigan
    Was: £489.00
    Now: £391.00
  • 1 Hook and Bar at Placket
  • Fit:
  • Alpaca (100%), Alpaca Fur
  • Made in Peru
  • 22"
  • Black
    Winter White
    Slide 8: Bellflower Baby Alpaca Cardigan
    Scrolled botanicals create a black and brown filigree on our intriguing cardigan. Double-faced jacquard knit of soft baby alpaca (86%) and wool (14%), the pattern is reversed on the other side. Styled with a draped collar, solid sleeves and a buttonless placket.
    Bellflower Baby Alpaca Cardigan
    Was: £262.00
    Now: £223.00
  • Fit:
  • Baby Alpaca (86%), Wool (14%)
  • Made in Peru
  • 28"
  • Chestnut
    Slide 9: Alpaca Inglenook Capelet
    The funnelneck capelet is a weightless puff of baby alpaca (60%), nylon (35%) and wool (5%).
    Alpaca Inglenook Capelet
    Was: £108.00
    Now: £87.00 - £108.00
  • Baby Alpaca (60%), Nylon (35%), Wool (5%)
  • Made in Peru
    Sale Price Colour: Charcoal, Ivory
  • Maple
    Slide 10: Courtney Baby Alpaca Cropped Cardigan
    In cloud-soft baby alpaca (60%), nylon (35%) and merino wool (5%), the cropped cardigan has an adorable boxy shape that floats away from the body. Full-fashion knit with a crewneck, exaggerated ribbed cuffs and rolled edges.
    Courtney Baby Alpaca Cropped Cardigan
    Was: £138.00
    Now: £97.00 - £138.00
  • 6 Buttons at Placket
  • Fit:
  • Baby Alpaca (60%), Nylon (35%), Merino Wool (5%)
  • Made in Peru
  • 19"
    Sale Price Colours: Ballet Pink, Mist Green
  • Slide 11: Bennet Baby Alpaca Pullover
    Knit in a fluffy yarn of baby alpaca (60%), polyamide (35%) and wool (5%), the boatneck pullover features dolman sleeves and ribbed cuffs.
    Bennet Baby Alpaca Pullover
    Was: £145.00
    Now: £88.00 - £115.00
  • Fit:
  • Baby Alpaca (60%), Polyamide (35%), Wool (5%)
  • Made in Peru
  • 21"
    Sale Price Colours: £88 - Sandstone; £115 - Black, Berry Melange, Sandstone Melange, Sage, Dusk Melange
  • Slide 12: Cavalry Baby Alpaca Knit Jacket
    Soft and substantial in baby alpaca (70%), polyamide (23%) and wool (7%), the cropped, military-influenced knit jacket is detailed with a stand collar and convertible, double-breasted lapels.
    Cavalry Baby Alpaca Knit Jacket
    Was: £245.00
    Now: £147.00 - £196.00
  • Fit:
  • Baby Alpaca (70%), Polyamide (23%), Wool (7%)
  • Made in Peru
  • 18"
    Sale Price Colours: £147 - Ink Blue; £196 - Maple, Black
  • Maple
    Ink Blue
    Slide 13: Fiorello Cutaway Alpaca Jacket
    Classic tuxedo jacket styling is beautifully reimagined in felted alpaca (60%) and wool (40%). Flawlessly tailored with a high notched collar, shapely seaming, angled welt pockets, back vent and a curved cutaway hem; unlined.
    Fiorello Cutaway Alpaca Jacket
    Was: £489.00
    Now: £391.00
  • Alpaca (60%), Wool (40%)
  • Made in Peru
  • 30"
    Sale Price Colour: Black
  • Black
    Slide 14: Tonal Plaid Alpaca Blanket
    Wrap a loved one in our snuggly-soft throw, woven in a pale blue and cream plaid of alpaca (50%), wool (35%), acrylic (8%) and nylon (7%), with fringe on both ends.
    Tonal Plaid Alpaca Blanket
    Was: £89.00
    Now: £79.00
  • Length 70”, Width 51”
  • Alpaca (50%), Wool (35%), Acrylic (8%), Nylon (7%)
  • Made in Peru
    Keep away from fire
  • Denim
    Slide 15: Kotzebue Alpaca Blanket Coat
    A sumptuous embrace of plush, felted alpaca (93%) and nylon (7%), this minimalist coat design is the perfect snuggle-up layer for wintry days. Knit easy and oversized, with a generous hood, drop shoulders, wide sleeves and pockets. The voluminous overlap requires no closure, and we've left it intentionally unlined so you can feel the fiber's softness.
    Kotzebue Alpaca Blanket Coat
    Was: £342.00
    Now: £269.00 - £342.00
  • Alpaca (93%), Nylon (7%)
  • Made in Peru
  • 31"
    Sale Price Colours: £269 - Chambray; £291 - Red
  • Red
    Slide 16: Delaney Alpaca Coat
    A classic with modern attitude, our coat is tailored of soft, luxurious alpaca (72%), wool (25%) and nylon (3%). Expertly detailed with a deep back pleat, turnback cuffs and a full-length shawl collar, unrestrained by closures; fully lined with our signature manta floral print.
    Delaney Alpaca Coat
    Was: £584.00
    Now: £514.00
  • Alpaca (72%), Wool (25%), Nylon (3%); Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Made in Peru
  • 35"
  • Ultramarine
    Slide 17: Studio Royal Alpaca Pullover
    Blissfully frothy, our links knit pullover, is woolen-spun royal alpaca—the ultimate grade of alpaca. Easy and relaxed, with open neckline and drop shoulders.
    Studio Royal Alpaca Pullover
    Was: £145.00
    Now: £86.00 - £122.00
  • Fit:
  • 100% Woolen Royal Alpaca
  • Made in Peru
  • 20"
    Sale Price Colours: Dark Charcoal, Paprika
  • Sequoia
    Dark Charcoal
    Nordic Blue
    Slide 18: Swallowtail Baby Alpaca Coat
    A feminine take on the military riding coat. Impeccably tailored of luxe, soft black baby alpaca (67%), wool (31%) and nylon (2%), the hourglass silhouette has a convertible stand collar, angled lapel, a formation of buttons and a crisply pleated back peplum. Fully lined with our signature lining.
    Swallowtail Baby Alpaca Coat
    Was: £498.00 - £584.00
    Now: £398.00 - £584.00
  • 67% Baby Alpaca, 31% Wool, 2% Nylon
  • Made in Peru
  • 32"
    Sale Price Colours: £398 - Schwarz; £485 - Charcoal
  • Charcoal
    Slide 19: Stella Alpaca Pullover
    The frothiest sweater of the season is a whipped confection of whisper-light alpaca (81%) and nylon (19%) bouclé yarns. Relaxed and boxy, with drop shoulders, side vents and a hem that steps longer in back.
    Stella Alpaca Pullover
    Was: £127.00 - £130.00
    Now: £99.00 - £127.00
  • Fit:
  • Alpaca (81%), Nylon (19%)
  • Made in Peru
  • 23"
    Sale Price Colours: £99 - Ash, Ivory,Verdigris; £108 - Scarlet, Parchment, Bluestone
  • Slide 20: Banff Royal Alpaca Tunic
    Heavenly soft and luxurious in woolen-spun, royal alpaca, our tunic features a crossover v-neck, drop shoulders and dolman sleeves. Extra-long ribs at the cuffs and hem create a soft blouson shape.
    Banff Royal Alpaca Tunic
    Was: £195.00 - £199.00
    Now: £110.00 - £156.00
  • Fit:
  • Woolen Royal Alpaca (100%)
  • Made in Peru
  • 30"
    Sale Price Colours: £110 - Snow, Blossom, Sea; £156 - Burnt Olive, Black, Cranberry
  • Burnt Olive
    Slide 21: Luca Baby Alpaca Coat
    Sleek and chic in the softest pile of baby alpaca (72%), wool (26%) and nylon (2%), this timeless coat is updated with contemporary details. The trim silhouette is tailored with a notched lapel,  vented cuffs and clean zip front with single snap closure. Pockets; back vent.
    Luca Baby Alpaca Coat
    Was: £682.00
    Now: £485.00
  • Baby Alpaca (72%), Wool (26%), Nylon (2%); Lining - 100% Polyester
  • Made in Peru
  • 39"
    Sale Price Colour: Garnet
  • Laurel Green
    Slide 22: Wembley Baby Alpaca V-Neck
    Light as a whisper in frothy, lightweight yarns of baby alpaca (60%), polyamide (35%) and wool (5%), the pullover is full-fashion knit with a deep v-neck and exaggerated ribbed cuffs with thumbholes.  It pairs beautifully with everything from jeans to dresses.
    Wembley Baby Alpaca V-Neck
    Was: £155.00
    Now: £126.00
  • Fit:
  • Baby Alpaca (60%), Polyamide (35%), Wool (5%)
  • Made in Peru
  • 21"
    Sale Price Colours: Sandstone Melange, Berry Melange, Dusk Melange
  • Berry Melange
    Sandstone Melange
    Dusk Melange
    Slide 23: Galway Baby Alpaca Capelet
    The cozy capelet is exquisitely handknit in chunky cables, twists, ribs and popcorn stitching. Snuggly soft and warm in baby alpaca (70%), poly (23%) and merino wool (7%).
    Galway Baby Alpaca Capelet
    Was: £318.00
    Now: £254.00
  • Fit:
  • Baby Alpaca (70%), Polyester (23%), Merino Wool (7%)
  • Made in Peru
  • No Length
  • Slide 24: Ghirlanda Alpaca Pullover
    Folkloric flowers are intricately hand-embroidered on the front of our long, lacy pullover. In feather-light, charcoal alpaca (71%), nylon (21%), and wool (8%), accented with hues that wander from magenta, violet, burgundy and blue to ochre and olive. Scalloped pointelle trims the sleeves and hem.
    Ghirlanda Alpaca Pullover
    Was: £312.00
    Now: £243.00
  • Fit:
  • Alpaca (71%), Nylon (21%), Wool (8%)
  • Made in Peru
  • 25"
    If you are between sizes or want a looser fit, we suggest sizing up.
  • Slide 25: Nightbird Baby Alpaca Cardigan
    Our head-turning cardigan showcases a textural jacquard mix of Peruvian geometrics in vivid, twilight shades of turquoise, violet, grey and black. A fabulous alternative to a jacket, accented with a wide banded waist and contrast patterning at the round neck and buttoning placket. Baby alpaca (54%), cotton (23%) and wool (23%).
    Nightbird Baby Alpaca Cardigan
    Was: £352.00
    Now: £313.00
  • 5 Buttons at Placket
  • Fit:
  • Baby alpaca (54%), Cotton (23%), Wool (23%)
  • Made in Peru
  • 34"
  • Slide 26: Cabin Baby Alpaca Pullover
    Light as a whisper, the frothy pullover in heathery yarns of baby alpaca (60%), nylon (35%) and merino wool (5%) is full-fashion knit with a scoop neck and ribbed trim.
    Cabin Baby Alpaca Pullover
    Was: £155.00
    Now: £126.00
  • Fit:
  • Baby Alpaca (60%), Nylon (35%), Merino Wool (5%)
  • Made in Peru
  • 21"
  • Port
    Slide 27: Saskia Alpaca Skirt
    A portrait of rustic elegance, geometrics from a Peruvian manta are reimagined on our boot-length, A-line skirt. Knit of pure alpaca in rich hues of sky, sage, teal, tobacco and russet on black.
    Saskia Alpaca Skirt
    Was: £262.00
    Now: £212.00
  • Elastic Waistband
  • Alpaca (100%)
  • Made in Peru
  • 32"
  • Slide 28: Andean Festival Alpaca Pullover
    Our artisan-knit pullover exudes naïve charm, whimsically Fair Isle patterned in vibrant, jeweltones on a mottled earthy ground. A soft, substantial alpaca pullover with a crochet-edged boatneck, raglan sleeves and pointelle scallops at the flared cuffs and back-dipping hem.
    Andean Festival Alpaca Pullover
  • Fit:
  • Alpaca (100%)
  • Made in Peru
  • 21"
  • Slide 29: Philomena Alpaca Knit Coat
    Textural bouclé flowers are sketched in black on the sunrise ombré ground of this rich sweater-coat. Jacquard knit of alpaca (70%), pima (25%) and nylon (5%). Shawl collar; crossover lapel; covered buttons; pockets.
    Philomena Alpaca Knit Coat
    Was: £449.00
    Now: £359.00
  • 2 Buttons at Placket, 1 Interior Button
  • Fit:
  • Alpaca (70%), Pima Cotton (25%), Nylon (5%)
  • Made in Bolivia
  • 31"
  • Alpaca Clothing, featuring Alpaca Sweaters & Alpaca Coats:

    Baby alpaca is one of the most beloved natural fibres in the world. The alpaca clothing we create from fine Peruvian alpaca delivers remarkable softness and warmth. Whether you're layering up for autumn in an alpaca sweater, bracing for winter’s chill in an alpaca coat,

    or keeping a bit of warmth close at hand with an alpaca cardigan, you can be sure that our alpaca wool creations will not only be incredibly comfortable, but unique and compelling as well thanks to our one-of-a-kind globally inspired designs.

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