Thursday, 21 June 2018

Staying Cool

A few weeks ago, JH and I went down to the Standard Hotel to see a preview of the Autumn Line of the Peruvian Connection, our friends who besides being online, have six stores across the country (and one in London) including a beautiful shop on Columbus Avenue and 76th Street.

Years ago before I became a professional writer, among my previous occupations I was proprietor of a couple of shops in Greenwich and Pound Ridge where I sold designer sportswear for women. It was a business I fell into and knew nothing about, including the product.

They were shoe-string operations that prospered greatly at the time. I had significant help from a silent partner in choosing the merchandise, and three women who were sales people to assist this novice. However with those collaborations, I soon learned about buying and selling fashion as well as the nature of the customer and the hows and whys of their choices.

The Fall Collection
The Peruvian Connection’s Autumn ‘18 Collection explores ethnographic textile traditions — from Persian rugs to
Andean mantas, from rhythmic African fabric to Japanese kimonos.
The Fall Collection

It was the success of that venture that gave me the courage and motivation to follow my childhood dreams to become a writer, and in 1978 I sold my business and moved to Los Angeles to pursue my ambitions.

Seeing the Peruvian Connection’s preview of their Autumn line that day brought all of that experience back to me. I found myself looking at the line the way I would approach the merchandise I would buy for those stores -- mainly because I was very impressed by the PC style, the wearability but also by the quality of the fabrics. Style and practicality are what enhance one’s personal fashion.

The following are some of the items that I could imagine would look great on a woman of style today. The line will be available in their stores as well as online in the first week of July.

Peruvian Connection Coats & Jackets
This MILITARY DRESS COAT (£450) is a very impressive piece (that’s Annie Zander, Peruvian’s creator and
owner, modeling on the left). A woman looks smart and naturally self-confident in this coat as well as practical in
terms of use and comfort.
Topanga Ruana
Peruvian started in business making alpaca sweaters. They’re light in weight and yet very warm. I have two and
they seem to adjust to temperatures probably in the way they did on the alpacas from whom it was grown. Pictured
here, Topanga Ruana, £249.
San Marco Cardigan
Beautiful color “triangulating” with this San Marco Cardigan, £479.
Alessia Skirt Coyoacán Maxi-Skirt Alessia Skirt &
Fabulous print skirts, perfect for the colder months in
style— Alessia Skirt, detail; £199.
Detail of Coyoacán Maxi-Skirt, £199, with Chaparral
Belt, £85.
Peruvian Connection Sweaters
MEN’S AND WOMEN’S BRIMFIELD HENLEYS. Full-fashion knit of ultra-soft, woolen-spun royal alpaca—
the finest grade of alpaca. £199 & £172.
Cadogan Car Coat
Annie modeling this cool distressed, Burnt Umber CADOGAN CAR COAT, £669; and COLCA CANYON
DRESS, a striped sweater-dress of hand-painted alpaca, £249.
Cloisonne Knit Coat
Annie zeroes in on the Cloisonné Knit Coat, £439.
The Autumn Collection